Revenge for Jag. The battle kicked us, praised the famous 68

The outlawed Prudential Center was reeling when Jordin Tootoo fired his head horribly into Bortuzza, who after a few seconds ended up on his back and bloody scar.

“He was the number 1 star of this match, “Jaromír Jágr praised him, although he was officially awarded this award. Duel did manage to score a winning goal, but the truth: without Tootoo might not really have done it.

Jersey was losing again in the game and he did not succeed. Few have believed that they will be able to turn their backs on a strong opponent. “When Jordin changed everything, there was no doubt. Everyone knew it would come, but it was no coincidence that he kicked us at that moment.It was perfectly timed and we took advantage of it, “said Jagr, satisfied.

He was not the only one who glorified Tootoo; Perhaps it may be the key moment that the team will eventually lead to the play-off. Even though his gates are now far enough.

Tootoo made his contribution to all of the others: we did not touch our stars. Bortuzz’s Jagr has remained unstoppable in his last match on 2 December (Jagr resigned after him), and it was clear that revenge would take place this time. And although it was a dramatic beech ready for it, it also fell badly.

“The match did not work well for us and one can not ride around and wait for a miracle. The judges thought I knew it would come. I just waited for a suitable opportunity.I did not want to take it away without thinking so much, “Tootoo said, adding:” This is part of my job – kicking the team up, giving him energy and emotion. “It was said, although the Jersey As coaches for permission to go to battle with Bortuzz. But manager general Lou Lamoriello appreciated his performance after the duel. “There is no doubt that he has begun us to win. People do not have a short memory, I think it was a key factor in the fight. “

In the Devils cabin, after a long time, a very good atmosphere was the game. “We proved we were a team. Now we have to show that we can always be like that. That we can hold together, “Jagr said. It will appear on New Year’s Eve when Jersey plays at eight o’clock in Detroit.Jagr is optimistic. “I do not want to fly in the clouds but we’ve managed to play with anyone.”