Jake’s again betrayed the bike

BRATISLAVA. In the last few years, Rally Dakar has been one of our most successful motorcycle riders, Ivan Jakeš (38).

The technician betrayed him again, this time on the new BMW 645 RR and he had to resign from the race in the 5th stage. He was on the 18th place in the running order and moved from stage to stage higher.

“It’s a top-of-the-line machine,” Jake told BMW before races when he did not know how to make him disappointed.

“In the first quarter of 400 km long, the engine suddenly” spattered “, oil was drained from the bottom.There was nothing to be done and there were spare engines with them, but they were far off at my mechanics, “Jakeš said yesterday from the NAD-RESS Adventure Team’s assistant while crossing the sixth stage of the six-stage convoy, canceled by the organizers for unfavorable Snow conditions at the Paso San Francisco Pass (4700 m asl).

However, the new motorcycle has taken over Jake’s mechanic already in the past few days. “The problems have been since the first stage.They repaired the ripped fender, the roll book did not work, there was a drop in the engine overheating. “Despite the fact that Dakar has finished for Jake, the home comes after it’s over.

“I could fly earlier, but I’m not a Pako, who would be bumping out of the team in this situation. We have to go along with the race convoy. We have the time to load the technology in Lima, and we have to stick to it, we should go home by January 19. “

Yakash in your voice did not hide disappointment. “I do not know what to say about that pitch. Our start was a kick of money. I believed a new bike, but she also betrayed me. It was not my fault.I have to learn from everything evil, not to think, to give up the speech of others and to ride only on the technique that I have tried. I hope that the people who participated in the financing of this year’s participation will remain with me, and that I have had enough of the endless pitch. “Besides Jakeš, another Slovakian Ján Zaťko (55) finished for technical problems too. In his premiere, he is still in 119th place.

However, Štefan Svitko is starting to play well. After the fourth place in the fifth round, he moved to the first tens.