It starts with the hockey playoffs are a favorite Košice

BRATISLAVA. The most anticipated phase hockey Tipsport there. Players of eight teams, according to tradition ceased to shave, the playoff will play for the title. After a razor blade recourse only when their teams drop out.

The Master will be known no later than April 21 On Saturday, the first matches are starting Quarterfnls series Košice – Martin and Nitra – Zvolen. On Monday, the pair will join Banská Bystrica – Skalica and Piestany – Poprad.

It is played on four wins, a draw at the regular time is extended by ten minutes and if it decides, followed by separate raids. A clear favorite

Clash Line eighth season of the team is clear favorite.Košice gained 125 points on a whopping 59 points over Martin. The long-term portion of a team from the East Match balance of 5: 1. The leader had a table in the best part of the defense, while rival the worst attack. Košičania won 24 of 28 home matches, while Martinčania are the weakest team out. All the numbers speak for Košice.

“Attention, playoff is a new competition. Now each series starts at 0: 0, plus we have a few call in sick, “he raised a finger most productive player Kosice Peter Bartoš. “SUPER must not be underestimated. Although we are with Martin won five of the six matches, all were equal.Martinčania fulfill the tasks of the playoffs, they can play relaxed. Since they are waiting victories and progress. In the beginning we should use home environment, to get us cool. “

For Bartos has a series of special flavor, it is the offspring of the Martin hockey. The coach MHC Mountfield Daniel Babka were teammates for years, they are still friends. Now they are rivals for a few days.

“For our guys to see how to enjoy the games with the best team of the base part,” said Babka. Former national team defender played in Kosice two years from season 1998 – 1999 has the title. “The home will be under pressure, we want to surprise them. Top right in Saturday’s first match.On the big rink in the Steel Arena, we must be careful to quickly Košice wings that did not get a lot of space. “Elected dare to Nitra

Nitra enters the playoffs from second to showcase the best attack. Experienced center Jozef Stümpel won the Canadian scoring, Roman Tománek when it surpassed the 30-Goal Line. Defending champion Elected twice changed coaches, compared to last year fell in the table on six points.

“This couple can not see a favorite,” said defender Nitra Dušan Milo.World champion in Gothenburg in 2002 argued: “It is true that the season we have to match 4: 2, but it is still reigning, compared with last year is in the lineup only three or four other players. At home we have to deal with pressure, they have nothing to lose. “

Zvolencania Andrej Podkonický had last year winning cup above his head, now is when the outlook cautious.

“The end of the base part, we were wrong. We have put together, “said winger team HKM. “Perhaps now finally we begin to play hockey, we wanted to show throughout the season.In Nitra we weekends happy if we win at least one match. “

Dvojka sends Saturdays from 16:50 match Kosice – Martin and Sunday at the same time Nitra – Zvolen.Košice – Martin

Head to head matches Košice – Martin: 3: 1 (d), 3: 1 ), 3: 2 (d)

Most productive players: Peter Bartos 47 points (14 goals + 33 assists) – Jaroslav Markovič 54 (25 + 29) 25 goals – Markovic 25 Nitra – Zvolen

Nitra – Zvolen: 0: 2 (v), 4: 1 : 0 (v), 1: 0 (d)

The most productive players: Jozef Stümpel 67 points (16 + 51) Roman Tomanek 31 goals – Michal Chovan 19