He became the boss of Kladno, though he did not want to. Jagr: Even in my age miracles are happening

Legendary hockey striker Jaromir Jagr has returned from the US holiday and resolves the future of his Kladno home, but he is also looking at the NHL next season, where he continues the New Jersey Devils.

Most sponsors stayed in Kladno after falling to the first league, so he shot a soccer clip for Sazka on Tuesday, and on Wednesday he handed the selected new phones from one Chinese manufacturer to Žižkovská věž. He wrote server idnes.cz.

After a while, the 42-year-old Jagr and the journalists spoke. The owner of the Kladno Rytiers, otherwise the advertiser, said: “We are lucky that our sponsors remain faithful, and we have to redeem the last season, which is difficult to manage when there is a man here.And then, when it is gone. “It was not like I wanted the boss, but it was handed over because my father was 16 years old and he did not want to continue. There are no strong sponsors in Kladno, he had to subsidize his own, and he just did not have fun. The only chance for Hockey to stay in Kladno was to take it over. And the city planned to promote hockey again. If that were not the case, the hockey would be withdrawn. It has almost been written that the license will buy Chomutov, who played the first league. I’ve been dragged into it. “

” If I do not know how to go, the variation is here. Nobody is perfect. I will try to keep Hockey in Kladno to return to the extraliga as soon as possible.But we need support for fans who still scream about how to do it, but when we look at the traffic then we will find that we have the smallest in the whole extralige. “

I still have not thought about it. It will be enough time for me to know people to look at how we want to go further.The base of the club has remained the same, most of the players are paying their contracts even when we are in a lower competition, Or if we will reduce the pitch. “” Yes, we will sign reinforcements accordingly. ”

“No, but I take the sport the way it is, sometimes it does, sometimes it can not and always can not win, but I feel that even if it falls, the audience will start to pay more attention, perhaps They will start walking more.And I’d like it if the hockey players started to appreciate it. To find that playing an extralig is not a gift, you have to fight it. The teams from the first league they passed (Olomouc and Mladá Boleslav) did not have a better team than us, but they were more hungry. There was a kick of the guys who had never tried the extralig and wanted to do it. Our players did not realize what they could lose. And then it was too late. I’ll give an example: it’s like when somebody’s whole meat is meat, I do not care about it. On the contrary, the one who only brews it and then sees a piece of meat, so it goes far beyond it. That’s what happened to me in the dungeon. “

” In my career, I found out that the older I am, it is much harder to rest. Not for the reason that I do not want it, but it’s difficult to get it started.Even though it was a relaxing vacation, I tried to do something from the first day, so that the onset of ice was not so difficult for me. Even if you are on ice alone, it’s not like when you are there with a team where there are 1-to-1 fights, increasing competition. So I tried to do my best to make myself ready for the next season. “

” To tell you the truth, so in my woods, I have been smoking the last ten years, but I still hold. The most important thing is that you make every thing you do with love. Another thing is health, without which nothing can be done, especially high-level sport. In our age, it is difficult that when you get hurt, you can hardly return to the form you have.But if you are lucky, you will stay healthy, you love the sport, so miracles can be done at my age. “

” I do not do what it was like. I’m still behind what I said. “Martin received a chance from New Jersey and it would matter to him how he would use it. I believe he will be ready to know how best to know that he will be liked in the collective and that he is able to make it into the first two sockets where he belongs. We all know that Martin is an outstanding talent, only in San Jose he no longer had the opportunity he would want. In addition, he was quite often injured. So we have to ask him for his health to last, then it will be easier. “Will Jagr have a statue?

According to the Prague City Hall, this is a Recession campaign, according to the organizers, the city will deny.At the kohonaletne.cz site, people can vote on what statue they would like to see in Prague’s Letná where the Stalin monument once stood.

And Jaromir Jagr in an antete is now in direct contact with actress Jiřina Bohdalová, third place is with the singer Karel Gott.

“I’ve read something on Facebook, but I do not think that when I’ve given more goals than other hockey players, that’s why they’re building a sculpture. They’re people who deserve it a lot More than me, those who are in the anchette behind me, “Jagr said with a smile.